20160613_111543Nobody is Perfect NOBODY

As I sit here writing this blog post so much is going through my mind. Failing has never been an option in my life. I was always to do my best at everything and I have to admit a lot of things has come easy to me. I received nothing but love and encouragement growing up and support in all that I did.

22 weeks ago I set out on a journey with a health coach. A coach who has lived the battle of obesity and won. A coach who I immediately clicked with. I had some big goals I wanted to reach and succeed at. Goals that were very much attainable and not far fetched.

The first 16 weeks were great. I loved every bit of it. Even though I hit road blocks I pushed trough them. Even though my body stayed exhausted I still tried my best. Sadly at week 17 exhaustion had the best of me and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t sleep. I hadn’t slept well in many months and it was all catching up to me. Then sets in my hip killing me all the time, right where it hinges. At this point I kind of just threw my hands up and said I’m over it. Mind you I’m No Quitter but exhaustion was winning.

Finally something clicked in my brain. I had been using Thrive vitamins regularly since September 2015. Even though my joints felt great for the first time in years my restful sleep was suffering. I decided to go off of Thrive and after 6 days with Thrive out of my body I was finally sleeping!

Now that I’m rested my mind is so ready to finish my program and move on to the next step in my fitness journey. I may have taken a few steps back but my forward progress will rock. I’m NO QUITTER on myself and know my body well enough to know what I need.

I’m thankful I’m not where I was in 2010… and I am thankful I love myself enough to realize I Am Worth every ounce of self discipline and self love. I’ve got a lot of living left to do and so many more goals to hit and I will be successful. I’ve just been on a little detour but now I’m ready to be back on track. Remember detours happen but you don’t have to stay on that path. Nobody is perfect NOBODY! #Iamworthit #iamready #polarambassador #sdsambassador #t2tbff #iamabicchick #soxboxambassador #polara360



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