It isn’t so Easy but it’s Worth It

Life is a journey of many ups and downs, twist and turns and so many detours. I LOVE life even with all of the challenges that I am faced with. Life is such a precious gift, a gift that we all should be thankful for.

Instead of wallowing in self pity, self doubt and self loathing why don’t we all just smile and truly live and love?!!!

Sometimes I sit back and watch in amazement at how much beauty is all around me. I close my eyes with the sun hitting my face and take a deep breath and say “Thank you Lord for another day!” Each day is a blessing and I’m thankful that I’ve been given this life.

My life may not be all daisies and butterflies but it is my life and I’m going to live it wide open! Today and every day I am going to be THANKFUL!


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