My main goal is to continue spreading the word and motivating and inspiring others to know that THERE IS SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL ABOUT WAKING UP WITH A PURPOSE!

Live Life to the absolute fullest and hold nothing back.

Ziplining ( I accomplished this on Mothers Day 2011)

Weighing 250 (blew it out of the water)

Weighing 225

Weighing less than 220 ( I hung out here for some time and had a rough time losing under this amount.  The dreadfill Plateau)

Being in the amazing ONEderland (199) (I accomplised this in January 2012)

Opening my own Fitness Studio ( I opened on Sept. 24, 2011)

Starting a Kids Fit Camp (This club starts this Summer at Inspired Fitness 🙂 and I am soooooo excited)

Wearing a size 16 (check)

Wearing a size 14 (check)

Wearing a size 12


Wearing a 2 Piece bathing suit and showing my belly 😉  I am a little scared at this one but hey I have been working hard!!! – I accomplished this Summer of 2014.

Running a 5(k) I accomplished this on November 14, 2010

Completing a Half Marathon – Accomplished thus December 2014.

Being a spokesperson for Cancer funding ( I have been in a commercial and a video in support of The Buddy’s Race Against Cancer) I am a team captain now for 5 years going and love working with this organization.


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